The Unlikely Triathlete

{ Monday, June 15, 2009 }

Too old. Too fat. Waaaaay too slow. Too weak. Too uncoordinated. But just determined enough not to believe any of that. That's me, the unlikely triathlete. I hope these posts make you want to try something you don't think you can do. It might be the most fun you ever had!

Triathlon Posts
Why Triathlon?
Open Water : My first open water swim.
My Superpower
Rich Person's Sport
MM, Tasty : How to avoid swallowing mosquitos when you run.
Brick : My first full sprint-length brick workout.
Interspecies communication : Talking to swimmers, cyclists, and runners.
The Muscles Have Staged a Work Slowdown

Training Log
The brown blocks are planned training; the red blocks are actual training. The A, B, and C indicate general times of day.

Running Posts
I'm a WonderGirl : Girls on the Run 5K 2007
Life Haiku 11.10.07 : Girls on the Run 5K 2007
Anything Can Happen on the Hill
Tomorrow's Hill : Hospital Hill 2008
Adventures on Hospital Hill : Hospital Hill 2008

Body Image Posts - read the lot.