Anything Can Happen in the Pacific Northwest

{ Wednesday, November 21, 2007 }

So, this is our third time to visit the Pacific Northwest urban universe. We stayed a week each time. Each time I hoped it would be rainy and gray so we could get a reasonable idea if we could live with that kind of weather six months out of the year. For the third time, the sunshine has followed us. It's gorgeous in Portland this week. Again.

(I'll attach a pic or two when I can.)

As Promised (11/25):

So we took zero pictures of Portland-at-large on this trip.

N. did take this picture of the garden gnome in our friend Vicki's back yard. (Shout out to the St. John's neighborhood! Woo!)

I am told it was a good year for pole beans. Was also a good year for tomatoes by the looks of things as Vicki had a huge overflowing bowl of the green tomatoes she picked at the last freeze.

This is Enzo.

Enzo is about a year old and already he knows his heart's deepest need: It is to taste the light.

Enzo chases reflections, flashes, glints. After they have disappeared he runs looking for them, up to the heavens, in the dark corners, under the furniture.

Good boy, Enzo.

This is tofurky.

Do not make this mistake for yourselves. Do not let your vegetarian friends talk you into it. If you are serving vegetarians, have lots of unbelievable mouthwatering sides and let them rave at the bounty. (V. and R., that was the best Thanksgiving meal I've had in ten years, easily.)

The furky was no one's fault.

Things I am thankful for:

1) All the people I know. Yes, all of them.

2) My hands and feet.

3) Ani-pals for taking good care of Annabelle while we were away. I hope they find good homes for those kittens.

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