Dear MODot:

{ Monday, December 10, 2007 }

Thank you for working to de-ice the Kansas City streets. In eight years, this is the best prepared and most effective I've seen your crews. It can't be an easy job and it's not a glamorous one. But safe roads completely change the character and mood of the city.

I know that Tuesday's predicted ice storm may be a harsher test. But after driving to the airport late last night and then across town today on roads that were clear and safe (at slower, safe speeds), I feel much more secure in my ability to keep my car on the road if I need to. You are my heroes. I expected to be white-knuckling it all weekend and wasn't.

Also, hooray for the person who signed off on the beet juice and salt mix for the roads! I know we aren't the first place to try it, but after years of frustration for drivers and I'm sure for you as well, it must be a relief to find a substance that de-ices the roads more thoroughly.

Just wanted you to know that no matter how good your de-icer is, your public is not forgetting that it wouldn't work at all without crews driving those trucks in twelve-hour shifts. I'll be thinking of your safety during this next bout of ice, and I wish you all a very restful and happy holiday.

Ann Elizabeth

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