The pack rat makes a packing list

{ Saturday, December 22, 2007 }

My adventure this weekend is a sort of cave exploration. I am top-roping my way down into the pile of research I've done for my novel, taking an inventory, and figuring out what to pack for my writer's retreat next week.

Doesn't a writer's retreat sound glamorous? Two writer friends, two days in a lake cabin, and reasonably mild winter weather.

Yes, writing always sounds glamorous until you try to do it. It'll be nice to have isolated, beautiful surroundings in which to do this thing that most people find tedious and frustrating at best. Here's my packing list:

Stuff for the Actual Writing Work

  1. An inventory of my research material
  2. My longhand notes on characters and my longhand rough drafts of scenes
  3. My laptop, of course, which houses photos of Winston-Salem where the novel is set and the file where I'm actually writing (and my tiddlywiki, where I'm organizing notes)
  4. My tapes of Winston-Salem people


  1. Tape recorder and blank tape
  2. Notebooks and pens
  3. Flash drives for backups
  4. Books: Wallace Stevens, James Thurber, Virginia Woolf, Adam Sexton, and Roget

Life Stuff

  1. My running gear
  2. iPod and camera, batteries, various device chargers
  3. Provisions - coffee, soup, yogurt, fruit, eggs, minibagels
  4. Houseshoes

Wish us luck! I'll post pics and adventure stories next week.

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