Dear Charlie Bone:

{ Monday, January 21, 2008 }

Thank you for being such a good neighbor to my parents all these years. Who helped my dad chainsaw up all those fallen trees after the ice storm? You did. Who's always been there if my folks needed anything? You have.

It's been a comfort knowing you were there.

Remember that time Mama called me and the only words she got out were: "Ann, your daddy..." before the call dropped? When I couldn't reach her and couldn't find Daddy in any of the hospitals, who went across the street to check the house for me and make sure everyone was okay? You did.

I'm happy for you that you're able to control your next move in life. I'm glad you know people in the city where you're moving. I hope you find neighbors who can be for you what you've been for my parents.

I hope you get to see some trees so you don't feel too homesick. And I hope you always know what a good neighbor you've been.

Norman and Toppy's daughter Ann

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