Anything can happen to Lucy Ricardo

{ Friday, March 21, 2008 }

And because I am channelling Lucy Ricardo this week, everything I have touched has gone bananas and my attempts at fix or cover-up have only made things worse. (Remind me to tell you the one about the curtain rod, the garbage disposal, and the superglue.)

The carnival of errors did not spare my newly inherited, much faster laptop, which I promptly mucked up while copying settings from my old laptop. I've spent most of my time this week on the distraction of repair. Of course, because of being Lucy Ricardo, this chaos struck the day after I invited everyone on my Kansas City local email list to come see my blog.

I should be back in business now, and since I'm actively telling folks about the blog, I'll be posting more regularly. For those handful of you who have stuck it out this week with me, thank you!

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Anonymous said...

mmmmm bananas!


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