Anything can happen birthday edition

{ Wednesday, May 28, 2008 }

So, as I do on every birthday, I call my parents. "Hello," says my mom.

"Thank you," I say.

And, like every other year, she says, "For what?" Long pause. "Oh! You're welcome!"

Then I have the exact same conversation with my dad.

I also talked to my father-in-law, who informed me with great mock gravity that my birthstone is agate, my flower is the rose, my colors are sky blue and black (black and blue! Excellent!), and that my numbers are 3 and 4. I love hearing him laugh over the phone.

These are some day-brighteners from my friends:

The Magic 8 Ball is going with me to work tomorrow. And the orange daisies -- well. Orange is the color of happy for me and not having dishes to do is one state of happy, so I have been a happy woman every time I walk in the kitchen today.

The best gifts, however, have been the hours that my friends have spent with me over the past couple of days. Partly it just worked out that way, as schedules so often don't. But these gifts of time with strong, smart, upright, and funny women are unspeakably precious.

When we think of being there for our friends, we tend to talk about being there in the hard times. But their gift to me this year is to show me how much happiness can be created by making the time to celebrate with another person. My friends make me want to be a better friend.

So let's put a bow around that.

Magic 8 Ball, will I always remember that it's possible to feel as relaxed, happy, and embraced as I do today? The 8 Ball says: It is decidedly so. Magic 8 Ball, will I make others feel this happy on their special days? Better not tell you now.

I bow to the wisdom of the 8 Ball. (But I know what I think.)


Foodie said...

Happy Birthday Ann!!!!

ann pai said...

Thanks! It was!

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