Hello Sunburst!

{ Thursday, August 7, 2008 }

The marketing pieces I've been working on through the year are finally coming together. The first issue of The Sunburst newsletter is out to the test audience (read: my close friends who I trust not to flag it as spam).

And the Sunspot Press web site is expanded and now includes an essays and poems section, with more essays to come on weight, size, fat, and eating.

A couple of things about all this effort, including this blog, feel very strange to me.

1) I am spending all my time working on marketing pieces for my books and not on writing my books or essays. This is frustrating. I just have to trust that I've made the right time investment in the long run, doing what I can to get the word out about my writing and books. Um, book.

2) I never have understood why it's taken me so long to get these 3 things accomplished - blog, bigger web site, electronic newsletter. Hm, let's see - have to build new skill sets; have to learn how to design; have to decide where Sunspot Press is going in the long and mid-term... I know, I know. And yet it's frustrating to feel like I'm trying to run an 800-meter race while totally encased in Jello.

Whatever. On we go. What's next? Lots of activity on the web to point back to these cool new tools. I want to sell those books out of my basement! Ye Gods! It's a lot of boxes still. And people won't buy it if they ain't never heard of it.

What - you've never heard of my book? Go thou and check it out here: the Sunspot Press site. Thank you!

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