The countdown clock starts.... now

{ Thursday, November 29, 2007 }

So I made a list of everything that I'm trying to make happen in December in my life as a writer and self-publisher. It's loooong, and of course the last item is "smack forehead" because I forgot to list actually writing the new novel.

Me, to self: Well, are you surprised? Can you call what you've been doing writing?

Self, to me: BACK OFF.
It goes on like that for a while until we get distracted by something shiny.

No matter what's on my list, I know what I need to do first: accept that this past year didn't go how I'd hoped and move on.

It's true. I didn't sell a lot of books this year; I didn't do much public speaking; I didn't write much and certainly didn't send anything out for publication. And you know what? That's not the end of the world. You know what else? It was my responsibility and my choice.

But now I want something different. I want to direct the course of my life a little more firmly so that in three years I'm spending more time doing the things that mean most to me, without sacrificing financial security. So after moving on, the second step is planning. For the first time, some seriously long range planning. Then, I'll be spending a lot of December clearing the decks and archiving the old and preparing the way for the revamped and refreshed Sunspot Press.

Did you see? It's me, moving on! In conga-line fashion! Do-do-do-do, Dah, Dah! (Those of you who know me, please picture me in the Carmen Miranda outfit. It's the only way.)

And next week I'll report on what I wrote this week for the novel. (Those two are still bickering over there. Fine. If they don't cut it out they don't get any cookies.)

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