When is a door not a door

{ Wednesday, November 28, 2007 }

OK, I just heard a thousand six-year-olds in my head scream, "When it's ajar!"

No, no! The correct answer is: when it's a whiteboard.

This is the door to the attic, which is in my study. It was painted with Rustoleum's new dry erase paint. So you too can have a giant whiteboard! You have to mix a powder and a liquid together to make the magic happen. Prep the surface, paint immediately, wait 20 minutes, apply another coat, wait another 20, apply another coat. Leave it for 3 days to cure.

I'd be more detailed, but I watched approximately, um, none of this process. The intrepid N. did the taping off, mixing, and painting behind closed doors to avoid the misfortune of turning the dog's nose or the cat's tail into a dry erase surface.

His only consumer comment afterward is that the paint looks a little "droopy." He plans to take his and my new whiteboards off their hinges in the spring, lay them flat, sand the surface lightly, and try another coat to get a smoother finish. Fantastic, yeah?

p.s. I never knew until today that the title of Magritte's painting of the pipe is "The Treason of Images." See more Magritte giant apples, big orange head guys, and random red birds here and here.

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