A stripper's trick

{ Wednesday, December 12, 2007 }

You never know which way this is going to dodge, do you?

It's a makeup tip. Are you kidding? This is tame enough for Seventeen Magazine. I just learned it from a dear friend who stripped professionally. Her signature song was Aerosmith's "Rag Doll." She also gave me my first and only diamond jewelry, a pendant in the shape of a heart. Leaning down from her 5'11" height, she draped its teeny gold chain around my neck and purred, "Every beautiful woman should own diamonds."

Here's her tip. For inexpensive, long-staying lipstick that also makes your lips look plumper, put on your lipstick, then put gold eyeshadow on your lips. Wet your lips. There you go! Shimmery and staying. (Pouty lip tip: Go heavier with the eyeshadow on the center of the lower lip.)

If I ever make-and-do the other project my friend suggested - sequined thongs - ("dancers want to throw those twenties back at something pretty") - I'll post a picture.

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