Reverse prank calling

{ Wednesday, May 21, 2008 }

If you have the blahs, try making a few reverse prank calls. It can perk you right up to wield the power of raining unpredictable pleasantness down on people's poor tired heads.

Here's how it works.

  1. List three businesses that a) you frequented in the past 7 days, b) provided even adequate customer service, and c) provided a product or service you needed.
  2. Look up the phone numbers of these businesses.
  3. Call and ask to speak to a manager of the department that served you. If a manager is unavailable, speak to whoever answered the phone. (Tip: If it's the kind of business where there are peak hours, like a restaurant, don't call during those.)
  4. Tell the manager when you were there and why you were there -- and then tell them that the purpose of your call is to let them know that they did a fantastic job serving you! Whatever was good about them, play it up! If the store was clean, call it inviting! If the cashier made correct change, why, that's efficiency! If anyone made eye contact and smiled, tell the manager how friendly they were and that it made your day! Tell them you just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work! Then say a cheery goodbye and see you next time!

Ha! People aren't ready to be told they did a good job -- nobody expects it, especially if they weren't going above and beyond, but just doing their basic adequate work in a friendly manner without complaint. Praise will rock their world! You will totally mess with someone's whole day by making it better!

Graduate-level reverse prank calling: let the next telemarketer who's articulate and not rude give you the full spiel. Say no, but then say you want to spend a minute telling them what a good job they did presenting the information and what a remarkable, listenable, friendly voice they have, and how you are sure that with those skills, they are going to go far in all the opportunities in life that present themselves. Tell them they are an asset to their company and that you hope their boss knows it.

You may have to tell them no again. But it's worth it. Reverse prank-calling: see what happens.

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Foodie said...

I am going to do it. I love it!

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